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Current exhibition Souvenirs for the Present is on until June 26 at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Ballina NSW, Australia. Future solo exhibition:September 27- October 2 at Gallery East, Sydney. 


Julia presented Terra Firma, a solo exhibition at Superlocal Studio (2018), Sydney. In December 2019 she presented Souvenirs for the Future, a solo exhibition at Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney.

Time spent wandering through the woods, tending border gardens, weeding and adding to the compost heap with her grandmother when she was young were instructive for Julia, a budding artist and environmentalist. Wandering in the woods and adventuring along the banks of the nearby brook, with a camera in hand, also became a favourite pastime.

An old Leica introduced Julia to the basics of light and film photography. She graduated to high-school darkroom photography and later studied photography at university in New York in the 1980s, and worked as a photographic studio assistant in NYC. She has been living in Sydney, Australia, since 2000.

Julia has never stopped observing with her camera – her images are brought to life through collage, light boxes and prints. She has been actively engaged in many environmental projects and movements, and recently supported the Art for The Wilderness art auction (2019), the 2040 film project + and associated-impact campaign (2019)as well as the current Regenerating Australia (2022) project created by Damon Gameau in partnership with WWF.

Contact: ejuliac at / instragram @juliachamptaloup /For more information about available photographic and light box works - do get in touch. 

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